GDPR Portal is a cloud-based solution that provides small and medium-sized organisations with a cost-effective way to manage their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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GDPR Portal is pleased to announce that it is offering a 50% Promotional Discount for Charities

Ben Grey, the Founder of GDPR Portal commented “We know that charities are concerned about the impact that GDPR will have on them. Many of them would like to use a solution such as GDPR Portal but they run on very tight budgets.”

To help them GDPR Portal is offering UK-based registered charities a 50% reduction in its standard pricing. An eligible organisation only needs to enter the promotion code CHARITY50 during the sign up process.

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Why use GDPR Portal for your GDPR Compliance Project?


Simple and easy to use tools for managing the process of complying with GDPR.
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Cost-effective so it makes sense for even small organisations to use it.
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No long term contracts. Just a simple monthly subscription.
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GDPR Portal can be used by organisations anywhere in the world.
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The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in May 2018. If your organisation is impacted by GDPR you’ll need to record all aspects of how you process the personal data of EU residents: what types of data you capture; where it comes from and how you collect it; how you store it and how long you keep it and who you share it with. It sounds pretty complicated, and it is. So how do you know where to start?

GDPR Portal is a simple and easy to use website that is going to make the process of dealing with GDPR a whole lot easier. It has the tools your organisation needs to manage the compliance process. GDPR Portal will enable you to document exactly how your organisation processes personal data. In the event of an inspection by the Regulator or a legal challenge then you will be able to produce evidence of what your organisation has done to comply. GDPR. And it can be used by organisations anywhere in the world to manage compliance with GDPR.

What it’s not for is storing any of the Personal Data that your organisation processes. And GDPR Portal is not designed to provide advice so if you are unsure on any questions, such as Legal Basis for Processing, then you should consult a Data Protection advisor.

The most important thing with GDPR is to be able to provide evidence to the Regulator, or anyone else who’s asking, of what you’ve done. GDPR Portal will help you prove that you have taken the right steps to comply with GDPR.

Using GDPR Portal will save you time. We’ve done the hard work to make it easier and quicker for you.

And you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’ve done what you need to do to ensure your organisation meets its legal obligations.