Data Protection Advisers

If you are a data protection adviser, whether a legal firm or a specialist GDPR consultancy, you’ll be pleased to know that GDPR Portal has been built with you in mind.

From working with individual clients through to providing a full ‘Outsourced DPO’ or ‘DPO as a Service’ offering, GDPR Portal can help you collaborate with your clients more efficiently and effectively.

Our partner proposition is simple – we provide the platform whilst you provide the consultancy and services.

Accessing multiple GDPR Portal sites

The email address that you use to sign in to GDPR Portal can be associated with multiple GDPR Portal organisation sites.

When you sign in you will be able to see a list of the Sites that you are able to access.

NB Any screenshots show demonstration data and not actual client data.

There are two likely scenarios whereby you might have access to multiple sites.

Your client creates the GDPR Portal account

In this scenario the client sets up their site directly with GDPR Portal. The client can then add you as a user and you will have access to the client’s site.

NB See the Roles and Pricing page for a description of the different user roles.

You create the GDPR Portal account on behalf of your client

In this scenario you set up the client’s GDPR Portal site for them, to which you can give them access. You could then recharge the client for the monthly cost.

And there is no practical limit to the number of GDPR Portal sites you could create.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Referral Partner or a Consulting Partner then please contact us via an email to or the Contact page.