Roles and Pricing

Pricing Model

Pricing for GDPR Portal is very simple and transparent:

– Monthly per user cost *
– Minimum of one Administrator user
– Minimum contractual period of one month
– Individual users or the entire account can be cancelled with a minimum of one full month’s notice

NB Organisations interested in an annual subscription for a minimum of 5 users should contact us.

* Costs are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


User / Administrator

£79 / €89 / US$109 per month

A User can create and edit items in:


– Data Types

– Data Categories

– Data Collection

– Data Storage

– Data Sharing

– Policies Checklist

– Subject Requests

– Breaches

– Tasks

– Reviews



In addition to the capabilities of the User, the Administrator can:


– Add or deactivate Users or additional Administrators

– Update the Organisation’s details, e.g. organisation name or address

– Update the payment card details associated with the Organisation Account


£20 / €25 / US$30 per month

A Reviewer can:


– Create or edit Reviews

– View but not edit all other items, e.g. Data Categories.


This role is well suited to external advisors such as lawyers or data protection consultants.

Promotion Codes

We issue Promotion Codes to provide discounted pricing to:

  • Prospective customers of GDPR Portal
  • Customers and members of our Partners
  • Non-profit organisations such as Registered Charities

Instructions on how to apply a Promotion Code can be found in the GDPR Portal Administrator Guide which can be downloaded from the Help and Resources page.

Promotion Codes fall into two types:

General Codes

These can be used by any organisation which wishes to sign up with GDPR Portal. Currently available codes are:


Sign up to GDPR Portal using code 25by25 by the 25th of May 2018** and get 25% off any charges for 12 months until 25th May 2019. ** The deadline is midnight GMT on May 25th 2018.


Registered charities can sign up to GDPR Portal using code CHARITY50 and get 50% off any charges for as long as they use GDPR Portal. NB This code is only for use by registered charities. GDPR Portal reserves the right to remove the code if an organisation which is not a registered charity uses the code. If your organisation is a non-profit making entity but not a registered charity and would like a promotion code then contact us.

Partner Codes

These are specifically for use by members or existing customers of our Partners, e.g. members of the Law Society or The Institute of Chartered Accountants. There is normally no time limitation on when these codes can be used.

Codes can usually be obtained from the Partner organisation’s website. If you cannot find a code and need assistance please contact us.

If the trade association or professional body of which your organisation is a member is not an existing Partner of GDPR Portal and you think they should be, then ask them to contact us.


Payment is via a monthly subscription. We take payments in £ (GBP), € (EUR) and US$.

We accept the following debit and credit cards.

Payments are processed by WorldPay. GDPR Portal does not store payment card details.